A Basic Certified Driver Improvement Clinic (ABCDIC) is a Virginia DMV-approved, National Traffic Safety Institute-certified, 8-hour Driver Improvement Clinic.

What are the benefits of taking  an 8-hour, DMV-approved driver improvement clinic?
  • Satisfy a court order
  • Satisfy a DMV request
  • Earn up to 5 safe driving points (voluntary)
  • Insurance Premium Reduction  (at the discretion of individual insurance companies)

Who should take an 8-hour, DMV-approved driver improvement clinic?
  • DMV directed students who have demerit points on his/her Virginia driving record.
  • Court directed students who have been convicted of traffic violations.
  • Volunteer drivers who wish to earn 5 safe driving points to offset demerit points and improve his/her Virginia driving record.
  • Students seeking Insurance Premium Reduction (individuals must contact his/her own insurance company to advise whether or not that insurance company offers an Insurance Premium Reduction)
  • Companies who wish to promote safe driving habits for its drivers.

What will I learn in an 8-hour driver improvement clinic?

We teach our students to recognize their own driving habits, improve them and develop an attitude to take responsibility for the safety of our highways.

How will the DMV or Court know that I have attended an 8-hour, DMV-approved clinic?

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, ABCDIC will electronically submit the information to the Virginia DMV. ABCDIC will not be responsible for submitting the information to the courts or insurance companies.  Students will also receive a course completion certificate, which may be submitted (by the student) to the DMV or court. All students are ultimately responsible for seeing that his/her course completion certificate is submitted to the appropriate entity (i.e. DMV, Virginia Traffic Court, insurance company).

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